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There's Someone's Penis On My Shoulder So I Can't Salute The Flag 





The first thing I noticed about Garcia was his dick. When I was shown into what was to be my bedroom at the Gray Wolf Military Academy he was standing next to the window inspecting it. Fat and brown it lay like an uncircumcised sausage in his hand. For a second I thought it was a sausage, that is until I saw that it was attached to Garcia. Before I could make any sense of what I was seeing, Lieutenant Brewster, the cadet officer who was accompanying me, shouted at the occupied, preoccupied Garcia.
‘Cadet! Unhandle that, right now! Drop it, Mister!’
Garcia looked up, startled. He let go of his dick. Unsupported, it flopped down dead against his leg. Hurriedly he stuffed it into his pants. He gave the officer a weak smile and shrugged. Brewster, who must have been all of sixteen, maybe seventeen, went red in the face, his eyes widened, his mouth twitched. He began to yell again.
‘You are a stupid Spick jack-off, Garcia!’
He paused. Garcia looked at him blankly, trying to figure out what was happening, his thoughts lingering on the business recently in hand.[for full story click here]
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