crip wabi-sabi

wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetic which among other characteristics finds transcendent beauty in imperfection -

a broken cup, a beauty mark.

a broken pot

my crippled body speaks

the beauty of rust

faded colours

the dusty beggar smiles


green snake tattoo

curls around the stump

pitted with scars

hammered silver rings

on one crooked hand


life’s scarred journey

black storm clouds gather

rain hammers

rainbows arc gracefully

sky rings with silver


out at sea

in a worn old boat

called 'Misfortune'

wave-tossed, rocking, tipping

I steer towards the bay


“man overboard”

I heard the sailor

I'm pulled by the tide

towards the shore and the ruin 

of the dark lighthouse  


Bill Albert/Joy McCall

Paul Levy

 published in Atlas Poetica 30

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© 2015 by Bill Albert