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Ruth Matthews Albert Feb. 1919 - Nov. 2017

set adrift


98 years old

my mother, rock of love

now crumbles

her strong New York voice

broken, whispering


I cannot hear

eight time zones away

her dimmed tones

only my heart imagines

undying mother's love


"my first-born son

do not weep for me

my love lasts

over distance and time

I'm always with you"


I'm sorry mom

cannot stop feeling

set adrift

without your presence

so loving so real


"no tears, Billy

I go without pain

in my bed

enjoying the garden

and Beethoven"


I understand mom

with head not heart

your desire

to cast off from life

to just float away

I'm resigned

to your escape

slow, peaceful

and though far away

I embrace you

published in Atlas Poetica 31

Paul Levy
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