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Bill Albert was born December 16, 1942 at the French Hospital in Manhattan. On December 27th he moved to the Bronx where he was circumcised by Rabbi T.M. Belkin. Five years later he joined the post-war Borscht Bowl Exodus to the Promised Land in California, driving across the country with his mother and grandmother in a large black Packard. He grew up in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, attended seven different high schools, went to the University of California at Berkeley and later the London School of Economics. He has lived in England since 1964. He taught at the University of East Anglia until 1991 when he took early retirement to write and become more active in the disability movement. He is divorced, remarried, and, together with Gill, they have five children and two grandchildren. And What About Rodríguez was published in French in the Gallimard Série Noire in 1991. The author's second novel, Desert Blues was published in 1994 by the Permanent Press, and his third novel, Castle Garden, by the same press in early 1996.  Norwich 1144 A Jew's Tale was  published by Mousehold Press in 2014. The Norwich Wheelchair Murders, also under the Mousehold Press imprint, was published in November 2015. Three other novels, as well as And What About Rodríguez, are available as e-books.


Bill is represented by Agence Litteraire Lora Fountain & Associates 

7, rue de Belfort  
75011 Paris 
+33 (0) 1 43 56 21 96 

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