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Desert Requiem



Act 3 of Harold and Enid's Palm Springs Opera, takes up their story three years on from the end Desert Swing and Desert Blues.
Harold Abelstein has arrived at UC Berkeley and finds himself out of his depth both with the academic demands and the group of smart-assed Jews with whom he is forced to live. Things begin to spiral out of control when he stumbles into simultaneous affairs with two girls and then hooks up with Koster Fivel, a street-smart operator who introduces Harold to what proves to be a poker game with dangerous consequences.
Back in Palm Springs, his Aunt Enid has had to move from her comfortable house and pool into a cramped, rundown place that adamantly refuses to keep out the desert. She is working as a salesgirl in a fancy dress shop, where her customers are the same women she knew in her previous, more affluent life. Both house and job are making her miserable, as his her spluttering relationship with Big Earl.


Act 3 of the Palm Springs Opera trilogy including:

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