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"Albert's new novel is about as easy to ignore as a tarantula on a piece of angel food cake."

Raymond Chandler

Bobby Fishbaum makes a fatal mistake when he rats out the Russian mob that is muscling in on his family’s phoney designer clothes racket in Los Angeles. Now on the run, he and his five-year-old daughter finally touch down in Norwich, a seemingly safe, low-profile English backwater, tucked well under the pursuing gangsters' radar. All goes well until one evening he is accosted by Ben Castle, a drunk in a wheelchair, who rants on at him about disabled people being bumped off. The next morning Castle’s body is fished out of the river, the cops turn up at his house, and his new life suddenly becomes a lot less low-profile and a lot less safe.  

"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you! The world was waiting for Crip Noir, and Bill Albert, one of Norwich's finest emigre novelists, has obliged - in spades”

Tom Shakespeare (broadcaster and academic)    

"A brilliant novel by a brilliant novelist. Bill Albert has an uncanny knack for creating believable, endearing characters who linger in the mind long after the story's over, and an even more uncanny knack for turning disability into a gripping narrative device. Moving, funny, and compelling, this book will change the way you see the world.”

Charles Davis (novelist)

"Great stuff! Chandler meets Connelly in the Norwich lanes, amidst some familiar characters, in name at least! I really enjoyed it and the hardbitten cynical tone was spot on."                      

Keith Roberts (author)

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